Avanos, a Central Anatolian town, met with pottery in 2000 BC thanks to Hittites, and this art survived today with the techniques and methods inherited from the Hittites with the interest of civilizations on this land. 

With it's 4000 years of pottery tradition and it's rich raw material resources for ceramic production. Avanos has now become a place where the Turkish art of ceramic tile making inherited from the Seljuks and improwing with the Ottomans continued to be kept alive, in this cith along the banks of the longest river of Turkey, Kızılırmak, keeping the traditional forms formed by master hands alive and processing of rich ornamentation examples on such forms iis handled and carried out by Ömürlü Ceramic as an historical duty.

Our store consists of production units and sales galleries in which one will be able to watch how each process is carried our. The entire production and sales galleries has a history of about 200 years, and are natural structures carved from rocks. There are special sections in each sales gallery exhibiting rare products produced for collections and patterned with silk motifs uniqe to Ömürlü Ceramic whose originals are being displayed in special collections and world museums, and where all ornamentation has been made by original colorsi forms and techniques by Ömürlü Ceramic designers. Another characteristic of these special sections is that it allows you to have access to products with special certificates that no one else in the world own and that are completely uniqe and are the future's antiques.

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